Glimmer was the female tribute from District 1 in the 74th Hunger Games. She could shoot a bow and arrows, but it may or may not have been her preferred weapon. In the book, Katniss teases her when she misses, but in the movie, she seems to have more experience with them. Her mentors may have been Cashmere and Gloss.

  • Age: 17
  • Home: District 1
  • Occupation: Career Tribute
  • Height: 5'7"
  • Weapon: Bow and Arrows
  • Fate: Deceased

The Chariot RidesEdit

For the chariot rides, Glimmer and her district partner, Marvel, were dressed in tunics that were covered in jewels. But in the movie, they wore outfits with pink feathers to represent their district's industry, luxury items. In the movie, their chariot was white and pulled by white horses, but in the movie, the chariot and horses are black.

The Training CenterEdit

While in the Training Center with all the other tributes, she stayed with all the other Careers. She tried to intimidate the other tributes by showing them her skill with a bow and arrow.

Earning a score of 9 during her individual session, she most likely showed this to the Gamemakers, also.

The InterviewsEdit

In The Hunger Games: Tribute Guide, it says that Glimmer looks 'thrilled to be here' and that 'she clearly knows how to work the crowd'.

In the book, Katniss says that she wears a provocative see-through gold gown, but in the movie, she wears a light pink dress with a childish tutu.

The BloodbathEdit

During the Cornucopia bloodbath on Day 1 of the Games, Glimmer killed the female tribute from District 10.


After the bloodbath, Glimmer formed an alliance with Marvel, her district partner, Cato, and Clove. In the book, the District 4 female is also included in this alliance, but since District 4 isn't a Career district in the movie, and the girl from District 4 was killed in the bloodbath, she wasn't in the Career alliance.

Later in the Games, the Careers came across Peeta, and let him in their pack because he could lead them to Katniss.

When they come across Katniss, they chase her through the woods, and she climbs up a tree. Cato tries to climb up the tree, but the branched couldn't support his weight. Glimmer then tries, but she quickly realizes they won't support her, either. She attempts to shoot Katniss with her bow and arrows, but misses. Katniss takes the arrow and waves it above Glimmer's head, teasing her.

Peeta suggests that they wait her out and camp below her tree, and they can kill her when she tries to come down.

The Tracker Jacker AttackEdit

While Katniss is in her tree, she notices Rue. Rue points to something above her head, and Katniss looks up to find a tracker jacker nest. She starts sawing off the branch that holds it, and it falls onto the sleeping Careers below her.

Marvel is the first to wake. Cato and Clove quickly follow him to the lake to heal their stings. But Glimmer was closest to Katniss's tree, and where the nest fell.


The other Careers quickly wake and flee to the lake, but Glimmer had been stung too many times and wasn't as lucky.

She tried to run after the other Careers, but the tracker jackers attacked her most and she couldn't make it. The poison entered her body and she fell into a coma.

After Katniss jumps down from her tree, she sheilds Glimmer's body from being taken away by the hovercraft because she wants her bow and arrows. She breaks many of Glimmer's fingers with a rock to get the bow from her grasp. She gets a hand on Glimmer's shoulder blade, and flips her onto her back to retrieve the quiver of arrows. She placed 12th out of the 24 tributes.


During the bloodbath, Glimmer killed the female tribute from District 10. Later on in the first day, the Careers come across the District 8 female. In the book, Cato tried killing her, but when they didn't hear a cannon fire Peeta went back to finish her off.

But in the movie, when they find her, Cato pulls out his sword and hands it to Glimmer, so it is presumed that she also killed the girl from District 8.

But in the book, Katniss never sees her kill anyone.

Personality & Physical DescriptionEdit

Glimmer was smart, knowing that after Cato's failed try, if she tried to climb Katniss's tree she would fall and hurt herself. She also may have been a good fighter with something other than a bow and arrow. She was confident, and may have been a little cocky at times. She had hatred for Katniss, as most of the other Careers did.

She is described as being tall and lush, with flowing blond hair and emerald green eyes. She is also described as being 5'7" tall.

Film portrayalEdit

Leven Rambin played Glimmer in The Hunger Games movie. She also guest starred on Wizards of Waverly Place.

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