Marvel was the male tribute from District 1 in the 74th Hunger Games. He was an expert in spear- throwing, making him deadly at a distance. It is unknown if he volunteered for the Games or not, but he was a Career, so it could have been likely. His mentor may have been Cashmere or Gloss.

  • Age: 17
  • Home: District 1
  • Occupation: Career Tribute
  • Height: 6'3"
  • Weapon: Spear
  • Fate: Deceased

The Chariot RidesEdit

For the chariot rides, Marvel and his district partner, Glimmer, were dressed in tunics that were covered in jewels, but in the movie they were dressed in pink feathery outfits. In the book, Katniss points out how District 1's costumes are always the best and that they are always favorites in the Capitol.

The Training CenterEdit

During training with all the other tributes, Marvel stayed with the rest of the Career pack. He impresses the other tributes by showing off his spear-throwing and spear-fighting skills.

During his individual training session with the Gamemakers, he receives a score of 9. He most likely showed the Gamemakers his talent with spears.

The InterviewsEdit

Although not mentioned in the book, The Hunger Games: Tribute Guide gives a description of Marvel's interview. The Tribute Guide says that Marvel was a happy, positive presence onstage, and he was trying to be funny. However, the guide also says that Marvel doesn't seem to be 'the sharpest tool in the shed'.

The BloodbathEdit

On Day 1 of the Games, most of the tributes killed in the bloodbath were killed by the Careers. Marvel took part in this and fought for food and supplies. During the bloodbath, he was able to hurt the female tribute from District 3 by hacking her with a sword, and he was also seen walking up to the District 9 female with a sword. He killed the female from District 6 by stabbing her with his spear. After the bloodbath, he formed an alliance with the rest of the Careers.


In the book, the Career alliance included Marvel, Glimmer, Cato, Clove, the girl from District 4, Peeta, and the boy from District 3. But in the movie, the District 4 female isn't in the Career alliance because the Careers are only Districts 1 and 2. Even if District 4 had been a Career district in the movie, the girl from District 4 still wouldn't be part of the Careers because Cato killed her in the bloodbath.

After the bloodbath, the Careers come across Peeta and decide to let him into the alliance because it could lead to them being able to find Katniss. They all had deep hatred for her, which is why they wanted to kill her.

They do eventually find her, and chase her through the woods. She climbs up a tree and Cato tries to climb after her, but the branches are too weak to support his weight and he falls. Glimmer tries, too, but she soon realizes the branches won't support her either. She attempts to shoot Katniss with her bow and arrow, but misses. In the movie, Cato also tries and misses.

Peeta suggests that they camp out under her tree and kill her in the morning. Marvel and the other Careers agree, because she can't get down without them knowing.

The Tracker Jacker AttackEdit

While in her tree, Katniss sees Rue, and Rue points out a tracker jacker nest above Katniss's head. She cuts the branch from the tree with her knife and the nest falls onto the sleeping Careers below.

In the movie, Marvel is the first one to wake up and he runs to the lake because he has some minor stings. Cato and Clove follow, but Glimmer is stung too many times and she falls into a coma and dies minutes later.


Marvel sets a trap, which Rue runs into while searching for Katniss. He throws a spear into her stomach and Katniss, enraged on seeing Rue's limp body, shoots an arrow into his neck. Marvel tries to save himself by pulling out the arrow, but he drowns in his own blood.

However, in the movie, he throws the spear at Katniss, who dodges it to grab her bow and arrows. So, his killing of Rue is almost accidental. Also, in the movie, he is shot in the heart, rather than the neck.

He placed 7th out of the 24 tributes.


During the bloodbath, Marvel killed the girl from District 6, and presumably killed the girl from 9. He also killed Rue. He also wounded the District 3 female during the bloodbath, and she was soon killed by the District 5 male.

Personality & Physical DescriptionEdit

Marvel was brutal, powerful, and dangerous. He was also shrewd, saying that Peeta could lead them to Katniss if he is part of their alliance. He is diplomatic, calming Cato down when he lost control of his temper at the sight of the bombed supplies. Katniss said he was arrogant because he had dried fruit in his pack, despite having a large supply of food at the Cornucopia. He also probably hated Katniss as much as the other Careers did, but this is unknown.

He is tall and skinny, yet still strong. In the film, he has short, light brown hair and green eyes, but a description isn't given in the book. He is described as being 6'3" tall, the tallest tribute. He weighs 165 pounds.

His odds of winning were 5-1.

Film portrayalEdit

Jack Quaid played Marvel in The Hunger Games movie.

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